1. What if the accident is my fault?

You may still be entitled to a lump sum payment for permanent impairment.

2. If TAC pays me a lump sum for my injury, can I still claim for my treatment expenses?

Yes, TAC must still pay for reasonable accident related hospital and medical expenses.

3. How long will it take for TAC to pay me a lump sum for permanent impairment?

It depends on your injuries. You need to wait for the injuries to be stable. For children (i.e. under the age of 18) the final determination is not made until you turn 18.

4. When should I seek legal advice?

At the earliest time after the accident. If possible, check with us before you complete the TAC claim form.

5. Can I still make a claim even if I had been drinking alcohol before I drove the car?

Yes, if the blood alcohol reading was less than 0.24%, you can still claim for loss of income benefits. Check with us about your circumstances. There may be other claims that you can make.

6. It wasn’t my fault. Can I sue the other driver who caused the accident?

Yes, if you are classified as having suffered a “serious injury”, you can sue the other driver for pain and suffering, lost earnings and lost capacity to earn an income.

7. How do I prove that I have suffered a serious injury?

There are various ways to do this, relating to level of impairment or pain or disfigurement or psychiatric problems or loss of a foetus. Contact us to arrange a meeting and we will explain further about a possible claim for you.